It all Starts with Learning

It always starts with your vision. We are first and foremost your helpers in accomplishing wht you invsion for this special day. With that in mind we are experts in floral design and coordination, what this means is you do not need to worry. You can enjoy your event and allow us to handle what needs to be handled.

Brides to be, grooms, your family, your friends - these are cherished people in a cherished moment. That is why our process starts with understanding you and what makes you feel happy - this is the key to success. We want you to come out of this having accomplished a dream, that means we need to get to know eachother.

The next step is all about creativity. This is creavitity meant to exceed expectations visually, while staying within budget.


Ready to get this started? We come together and talk about your event, we talk about you, and we learn what will make that special something. This is where we get the key ingredient to our designs, personalization.


Better start getting to work! After we have met and figured out our plans, we get this started. This is where the magic happens. We spend our next few weeks obsessing over your event, and making sure our end is handled to perfection. We will check in with you as we have updates and encourage you to check in with us if you have questions.


Delivery time! Your big event is here, whether it is a wedding, a luncheon, a bridal shower, benefit or banquet, we are going to have your perfect atmosphere prepared. Don't worry, we have everything covered, all you need to do is enjoy your event.